Woodcare Wood Finish


Wood Finish

Woodcare Wood Finish is a premium quality melaminied coating specially formulated as a protective and decorative clear coating finish for wood. It protects tehw ood for many years from heat, water, insect attack etc. It has got excellent resistance to staining from oils, food and hot beverages. It is best suitable for interior application. It offers substatial economy in terms of durability, decorative and protective value compared to other conventional coating.

Woodcare Wood Finish is a single pack Polyurethane modified wood finish which gives a clear smooth finish & not only preserves & protect wood from normal wear & tear but also has good scratch , water & UV resistance . It is good for exteriors & great for interiors.

  • The depth of finish and toughness provides a long lasting protection to your walls.
  • Specially formulated to be highly adaptable to indoor & outdoor demands. ( Also inserted individually Intr and Extr surfaces also ).
  • Ensures the beautiful coating will remain unchanged for a longer duration.
  • Less susceptible to environmental conditions with reduced drying time.


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