All Weather Exterior Emulsion

All Weather

Exterior Emulsion

All Weather Exterior Emulsion is a 100% acrylic Exterior emulsion which can resist extreme weather conditions.

Exterior Emulsion is a water-based emulsion that provides protection for shaded exteriors. It has been designed to provide better hiding and coverage and a smooth matt finish.

  • Clean the surface of loose paint, dust and grease. Scrub vigorously with wire brush to remove algae, fungus and moss growth, especially on horizontal surfaces prone to water stagnation.
  • Seal cracks with a 1:3 mixture of cement and sand. Use of Indigo Polymer Putty is highly recommended.
  • Freshly plastered surfaces require a self-priming coat, obtained by thinning 1 litre of paint with 1 litre of water.
  • Follow with 2 coats of Indigo Exterior Emulsion, obtained by thinning 1 litre of paint with 400 ml of water.
  • Three coats are recommended for horizontal surfaces like ledges and sun-shades. Apply with brush, roller or spray with 4-6 hours interval between coats. Allow 3 months curing prior to painting for newly plastered surfaces.

Product Detail

Life 1-2 years
Coverage* 40-45 sq ft per ltr/2 coat
Anti-Fungal Properties Average
Water Repellent Properties Average
Dirt Repellent Properties Average
Finish Rich Matt
Warranty Nil
Unique Properties


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